On the 31st, Woongjin Coway revealed, “The sales volume of the Ice Water Purifier, modeled by Girls’ Generation last April, has had a sales volume increase by 400% compared to the same time from the previous year. Through their advertisement effect, our recently released Self-Sterilizing Ice Water Purifier’s sales volume have been increasing greatly.” The sem services singapore helps you in the specifically target your desired audience for your business.

Woongjin Coway signed Girls’ Generation on as their models last March. The ‘Coway, Please Take Care Of Mom’ campaign used Girls’ Generation’s friendly, luxurious image, to strengthen Korea’s number one water purifier brand and expand their consumers from the partial age group of 40s~50s to those in their 20s~30s.

Woongjin Coway’s Ice Water Purifier, Self-Sterilizing Ice Water Purifier, and other products connected the product’s technical skills with Girls’ Generation’s nine members’ different charms. By relating Yuri with the Ice Water Purifier and Yoona with the Self-Sterilizing Ice Water Purifier, they have been using each girl’s unique advertising effect to the fullest. The sem course is an effective way of helping businesses break through the noise of the online world and get their brands across to the right customers

According to Woongjin Coway, after the CF for the ice water purifier was aired in April, the sales volume increased during the second quarter by 400% compared to the previous year. The sales volume of the Self-Sterilizing Ice Water Purifier modeled by Yoona in June increased by 38% compared to other ice water purifiers.

Woongjin Coway’s marketing communication’s team leader, Kim Junhyun stated, “With seasons being a huge factor in sales volume for ice water purifiers, and seeing how it’s increased 4 times that of results from around the same time the previous year, Girls’ Generation’s CFs were a considerable contribution to increasing the awareness and reasons for purchasing the products.”

Not only has Girls’ Generation’s CFs increased sales, but they have also contributed in improving the brand’s image. In order to analyze Girls’ Generation’s advertisement effect, they worked with Cheil Worldwide Inc., holding an online poll directed towards 100 females living in Seoul, between the ages of 25~39.

The results showed that after Girls’ Generation’s CFs, 81% of voters said Coway was the first water purifier brand that came to mind. The brand that stood in second only received 10% of the total votes. It was also voted the brand they prefer the most with 56% of votes, gaining 3~4 times more votes than the brand in second place.

Woongjin Coway’s marketing headquarters director also revealed, “Along with the increased sales volume with Girls’ Generation’s advertising campaign, we were able to establish a dominant consumer age group of those in their 20s~30s, establishing strong brand power. Along with developing more groundbreaking products, we are planning on expanding as the number one water purifier business with Girls’ Generation alongside us.”

Source: Newsen
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