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In the middle of downtown Bangkok. We met with Jessica, who was standing there alone. This is her rugged yet sexy and tough but sensual Levi’s denim styling. Price is undecided for all clothes a

nd accessories.

White sleeveless top with red checkered shirt, military jumper, denim pants (Levi’s), bangles on right arm (Black Muse), stylist collection bracelet on left arm, and ring on left hand (mzuu).

White sleeveless top and checkered long shirt, denim pants (Levi’s), red and green bracelets on right arm (Yurinari), studded stylist collection bracelet, and ring on left finger (mzuu).

White sleeveless top and denim shirt (Levi’s), gold rings (Gerard Tully at Daily Project).

White sleeveless top, checkered long cardigan, denim pants (Levi’s), brown bracelet on right arm, beige bracelet on left arm from stylist collection, leather bangle on left arm and teddy bear necklace (Yurinari), wool ankle boots (Manas).

White sleeveless top and checkered pink shirt, red padded vest, denim pants (Levi’s), stud bangle on left arm (mzuu), white bangle on right arm (Black Muse).

Earlier article below:

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica has garnered attention with a denim look and “disappearing pants” fashion.

Jessica’s photoshoot with Levi’s in Bangkok, Thailand will be released through the September issue of Marie Claire Korea. Jessica expressed a rugged and tough, yet sexy and sensual styling sense.

While Jessica usually shows a cute image, she was able to show various looks featuring denim with her great body proportions. She showed a beautiful bodyline by matching a military jumper, denim vest, and gray top.

Stylist Kim Woori, who was the styling director for this shoot, stated, “There were so many foreign fans at the set that it was like a Girls’ Generation concert site. Because of this, there was a time when we had to stop the shoot. We were able to realize how popular Jessica is as a Hallyu star once again.”

It was also revealed that Jessica was praised by staff for being able to fully understand the photoshoot concept and show charming poses. A Levi’s team member also revealed, “The reason why we chose Girls’ Generation’s Jessica is because of the sensible and fashionable image she has.”

Meanwhile, a cut of five pictures out of the total ten will be revealed through Marie Claire’s website on the August 19, and the entire set will be released on the August 26 through the site.

The two images that have been released so far can be found in higher-quality here. Be on the lookout for the remaining three, as they’re sure to be released soon.

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Source: Marie Claire Korea, Nate, Yurui
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