After the news of 7-Eleven Japan’s special campaign broke, fans have been anticipating the upcoming commercial movies. This morning, the BTS video for the first CM was released through Sukkiri.

The video shows some footage of the photoshoot as well as the behind-the-scenes footage for their CM filming. Several items of 7-Eleven merchandise was shown, and amongst them were a few Girls’ Generation’s customized products. The prizes for the 7-Eleven campaign lottery were featured alongside the other merchandise. More details about the lottery can be found here. On a side note, Sunny mentioned that the first CM will be released later on today so keep an eye out for that.

This event is a special campaign by 7-Eleven Japan and features Girls’ Generation and TVXQ. Check out their first 7-Eleven campaign BTS video below.

Pictures of the special Girls’ Generation merchandise for the 7-Eleven campaign can be found here.

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