On the 5th of July, the first episode of Mnet MUST which is hosted by Yoon Dohyun was broadcasted, and has received a lot of attention. During the broadcast, the results of a public survey titled “The song which gives you strength when you’re tired” were revealed.

Out of the 100 songs in the survey, Insooni’s “A Goose’s Dream” came out at the top of the poll. It was found that mostly people who ranged from the age of 20 to 40 had voted “A Goose’s Dream” as the song which gave them the most strength when they’re tired. The other songs which received a noticeable number of votes from people aged mostly 20 to 40 were Im Jaebum’s “For You” and Hwang Kyuyeong’s “I Have No Problem”.

Apart from that, the participants of the poll ranging from the age of 10 to 30 mostly voted for legendary idol group, G.O.D’s “One Candle”. Meanwhile, Hallyu stars, Girls’ Generation’s “Himnae” emerged as the favourite song by voters who ranged mostly from the age of 10 to 20. IU’s “Good Day” came out as one of the top few songs voted by teenagers too.

Mnet MUST is broadcasted every Tuesday at 2300 KST on Mnet Music Channel, and a new topic is featured every week.

Source: Nate
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