7-Eleven Japan is doing a special campaign on Girls’ Generation and TVXQ.

Earlier today, 7-Eleven Japan updated their website with information on their new campaign. Special goods of Girls’ Generation and TVXQ will be in 7-Eleven convenience stores starting on July 7. Commercial movies of the campaign will be broadcasted on three shows: Sukkiri, Tokudane, and Mezamashi TV.

To support this event, two separate campaigns will be held. The first starts on July 7, and the second starts on July 9. For the first, you can purchase the related goods and get a PC video, a poster, and a cellphone video. One serial number is worth ¥200 and is equivalent to 2 points. The cellphone videos are worth 1 point, PC videos are worth 2 points, and the poster is worth 3 points. Each group has 3 different kinds of PC videos and 100 posters for 100 eligible winners. Both groups also have 10 kinds of cellphone videos in total. This campaign ends on August 2 at 24:00.

The second campaign is called “7-Eleven Fair”. If you spend ¥700, you will earn a lottery ticket. 6 lucky winners will share 6 digital photo frames, 3 of each group. The winning information can be retrieved from the respective 7-Eleven stores. Other participants will have a chance to win 7-Eleven’s popular goods. The other prizes include a Nintendo 3DS, T-shirts (only one of them would be signed by the girls), a Sharp Aquios TV, and an A-Nation-for-life ticket.

If you are in Japan, be sure to stop by 7-Eleven and pick up your Girls’ Generation snacks!

Source: 7-Eleven Website
Translated by: [email protected]
Written by: [email protected]

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