First and foremost we want to thank everyone for all their wonderful submissions for the ‘Intel Visual Dreams‘ Project that we held at the beginning of the year.

We spent days compiling and looking at the amazing entries that we will be using in our video that we will send to Girls’ Generation showcasing your beloved countries around the world. It’s really mind-blowing how despite all the geographical barriers we still manage to show how united we when it comes to supporting Girls’ Generation.

With that being said we actually have copies of the Intel – Visual Dreams Collaboration Album (Promo DVD) to give out to the countries/cities that truly captivated us with their passion and images! I really wish that I had more DVDs to give out to everyone actually that participated in this project but it seems like I am unable to. I really do want to thank everyone though and hope they enjoy the posters at least (they are wonderful, aren’t they?). Once again I hope we can do more projects like this around the world because I feel like through it you can meet local SONEs and create a bond that is really meaningful while doing something that’s pretty great.

So how this is going to work is that these 6 countries/cities that we mention, we will send them 50 copies of the promo DVD for them to give out to those that participated in the project. So if you were involved with the project you should know the team leader and well those team leaders should know who helped out! I am really sad that we can’t give out DVD’s to everyone because I am truly thankful for all entries! Please look forward to the ‘VISUAL DREAMS AROUND THE WORLD’ video that we are creating at the moment! Thank you, always! If there are extra DVD’s in your area, make sure to send them to SONEs in your region to spread the love^^

The winning countries/cities are:




USA – North California



Thank you again!!!
If all the team leaders could tweet me to get in contact that would be great! Just confirm if it’s the same address we sent the posters to^^