HYOYEON & JESSICA & SEOHYUN! Ta-da~! We are enjoying Paris~! This is the Eiffel Tower~! Please support us by clicking ‘Like’ button on top of SMTOWN page~! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Just yesterday, Girls’ Generation released an open interview about the new SMTOWN Facebook page. The girls have said that SMTOWN Facebook page would be updated constantly with the artists’ pictures in Paris, and it looks like they were right. Fans were taken by surprise when SMTOWN updated their Facebook page with two new selcas of Jessica, Hyoyeon, and Seohyun.

HYOYEON & JESSICA & SEOHYUN! Three sweet princess attracts Paris!!! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

JESSICA! Ice Princess~ melts the Paris like an ice cream~!

Aside from the two pictures, SMTOWN also posted Jessica’s selca, attracting the fans’ attention. The last two pictures were taken through a Korean application called Pudding Camera [For iPhone users, you can get it here]. Back in April, Jessica also posted a few selcas using the same application.

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Source: SMTOWN Facebook
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