It was revealed that Korea’s popular “beautiful legged” girl group, Girls’ Generation, was decided to be the models for Lipton’s tea CMs and appear in the new CM on May 24th. This is Girls’ Generation’s 2nd time to appear in a Japanese CM.

The new CMs are for “Lipton Carton Box 500ml” “Sing!!! DANCE! Lipton!” version (15 sec. and 30 sec.) and “Lipton EXTRA SHOT” “Tea Stage” version (15 sec. and 30 sec.). As an artist who can universally express two different views of “cute” and “cool,” have top grade performance, and be popular across all generations, it was decided that Girls’ Generation would match the concept of both products and do both CMs.

For the “Sing!!!~” version, all nine members were dressed in 9 colorful clothes to match the image of the product package and appeared on stage with their original Japanese song playing, “MR. TAXI” (released 04/27). With lively dancing, they appealed to the product’s fresh taste. On the other hand, for the “Tea Stage” version, they appeared on stage wearing pure white clothing to give an image of milk in the world of crimson color of strong black tea. Playing a song off their 1st album, “Let It Rain,” (06/01 release), they showed off their beautiful legs wearing short shorts and presented the product with a mature “cool” charm.

With only one rehearsal for the filming, all the members were in synch and there were hardly any NG (no good) scenes. Furthermore, Girls’ Generation, who drank both products from before, also drank them during the filming.

The new CM will start to air from 05/27. Also, for the “Lipton Carton Box 500ml,” starting from 06/07, there will be a “Lipton Dream Factory Campaign” and a total of 30,000 people can win portable speakers, original t-shirts, and more. Additionally, for a limited time from the week of 06/20, there will be Girls’ Generation printed packaging.

Source: Ticket Pia
Translated by: [email protected]

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