Greeny (also known as Pureum), the cow that was in the care of Girls’ Generation’s Sunny on the variety program ‘Invicible Youth’, gave birth to a healthy calf last Saturday.

The PD who was in charge of the popular show updated his twitter and said “On May 7th (Saturday), Greeny gave birth to a healthy baby cow. Wanggoo (a familiar presence on the show) assumed the role of a midwife and personally attended to the delivery. He reported the good news himself. Please give Greeny’s son a pretty name.”

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny was given the responsibility to take care of Greeny (earning 51% ownership) after winning a game. She showed her special bond with the female cow after she shed tears watching Greeny get pierced with a nose ring for the cow’s coming-of-age ceremony. She also prepared special feed for Greeny before she left on her last episode.

Netizens have expressed their excitement with comments like, “Congratulations our Greeny!” and “Greeny would want her calf to be named Sunny!”

What do you think of Sunny being a grandmother?

Source: Nate
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