K.Will chose Girls’ Generation’s Yuri when given the choice between her and singer IU.

On May 4th, MBC’s ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’ was aired and guest K.Will was asked to pick between Yuri and IU. The two were previously featured in K.Will’s music videos, with Yuri being in ‘Dropping the Tears’ and IU in ‘My Heart is Beating’.

The MCs made him choose between the two of them after persistently bothering him, asking if he “looks to see who is the most popular person at a particular point of time”. Seeing K.Will’s distressed expressions, Wheesung instructed him to speak carefully and said, “Take your time to open your mouth”, showing his awareness of the possible consequences.

After thinking for a bit, K.Will answered, “IU has come out twice in my music videos, so I’ll choose Yuri.” After hearing his answer, Kim Heechul made K.Will burst into laughter by randomly responding, “COOL’s Yuri”.

What do you think of K.Will’s response?

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