Hey Soshified members!

A few updates with the forum~

Spring cleaning & forum reorganisation
As you may know Soshified is currently undergoing some spring cleaning and forum reorganisation so don’t fret if you notice some forums are missing. Many have told us that browsing Soshified is hard so we are working on improving the efficiency of the forum and making sure you have the best Soshified experience. Do bear with us as we work on these changes over these next few weeks.

One of the major changes we made is that we’ve moved “One-shot” fanfics to the “Completed Fanfics” area because after the tags are back we’re going to be merging all the threads into one section and depending on the tagged system.

New post restriction
Also we will be implementing a new post restriction in order to start new topics in the forum due to the large influx of spam bots that have been invading the forums.
For new members you might see this as an inconvenience because you want to start making threads straight away but this would be a good opportunity for you to be more familiar with the rules and give you more time to browse around the forum before making new topics :)

Soshi quotes & fanfics tagging system
You guys may have also noticed that we have brought back the quotes system! Yes your favourite soshi quotes are back! Every time you refresh your browser a new quote will appear [click]
Got a soshi quote you love? Submit it here. Take note of the new submitting format~
For the fanfic lovers out there the tagging system will be back once we upgrade to ipb3.2 so keep an eye out for that!

Soshified is hiring!
There are a few positions open so if you are interested in helping Soshified do check out the applications area. Make sure you read the requirements carefully before applying.

Soshified UK Meetup!
If you are in the UK then don’t miss out on the first Soshified UK meetup! There will be lot of fun activities, goodies and a chance to meet other UK s♥nes! More details can be found here

Run Devil Run!
EVERYONE STILL SPAZZING?! Haven’t seen it yet? We’ve subbed the pv and you can watch it here. Remember to support the girls by buying the single. Links to where you can buy the single can be found here

and lastly dun dun dun…

With all the reorganisation and changes we are also preparing a brand new layout with lots of cool new features that you guys will love. Here is a sneak preview of what is to come!

Excited already? Keep posting and stay active! Lots of exciting projects, events, upgrades etc on Sohified coming your way so keep your eyes open!