A clip of Girls’ Generation’s ‘MR. TAXI’ music video has been released. Recently, MMezamashiezamashi TV has broadcasted the short clip of GIrls’ Generation’s third single. In the music video, the girls could be seen wearing black and yellow outfits, symbolizing taxi drivers.

Through the makeup, Girls’ Generation got to show of a sexy and charismatic appearance. Mezamashi TV said, “The feel of the short clip feels different from the original song. These outfits really visualize taxi drivers.”

The most interesting move in the music video would have to be the ‘steering wheel dance’. In ‘MR. TAXI’, the girls put their arms in front and moves them as if they’re turning a steering wheel. The choreography of ‘MR. TAXI’ really fits the song.

A revenue from the CD will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross to help ease out the effects of the Japanese earthquake.

The male stars on Mezamashi TV commented, “If taxi drivers were like this, we wouldn’t want to get off.”

Upon seeing the clip, people commented, “The ‘steering wheel dance’ is really daebak,”, “The taxi hat goes well with their outfits,” and “Girls’ Generation’s sexy charisma is really overwhelming.”

Meanwhile, the pre-order of Girls’ Generation’s ‘MR.TAXI/Run Devil Run’ are reaching the number one spots in Japan.

Source: ENS News
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