For May’s edition of Marie Claire, the fashion magazine made 9 different covers for the magazine, one for each Girls’ Generation member. The magazines having Seohyun as the cover turned out to be the first one to be sold out.

The May edition of Marie Claire features the 9 members of Girls’ Generation as models, and they decided to make 9 versions for a twist. With this special feature of Marie Claire, buyers are allowed pick their favourite members as the cover of the May edition of Marie Claire. Through this feature, maknae Seohyun’s version of the magazine got sold out the fastest. This shows Seohyun’s popularity as a Girls’ Generation member.

In less than a day’s difference, Yoona, Jessica, Taeyeon, and Tiffany have followed Seohyun into the “sold-out magazines” list. Netizens are amazed at the speed of the sales.

Who do you think will be the next one up on the list?

Source: Diodeo
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