Professor Sawaguchi from Hokkaido University appeared on a Japanese show recently and announced, “From a brain study point of view, ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’ by Girls’ Generation has an effect that cheers people up.”
Also, he added “Girls’ Generation has long arms and legs that are perfectly symmetrical, which is good for the brain even by just watching their performances.

Furthermore, he said “Their mid-range tone (of voice) is just about perfect for the brain, and has an effect of cheering people up. Most of Girls’ Generation’s dances emphasize on mostly the hands and legs, so dancing along also helps develop the brain”.

Lastly, he answered ‘yes’ when the other panels asked him, “Do all of Girls’ Generation’s dances help with developing the brain?”, and stated his opinion that “Out of all the songs, ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’ helps with brain development and cheering people up the most”.

When netizens heard this, they stated “This group scientifically cheers up people”, “Should I dance to Girls’ Generation songs whenever I’m depressed?”, showing interest to Professor Sawaguchi’s opinion.

Translated by: 오이사랑싴
Edited by: [email protected]
Source: Nate

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