If you think the newly released Japanese teasers made your day, Girls’ Generation is adding on to the hype with brand new CF releases for both Daum and Woongjin Coway! The new Woongjin Coway website also has new pictures so you can check them out here.

The girls act out an interrogation scene and are even dressed like officers. Check out who the girls are scaring!
Version A (15 Seconds):

Version A (20 Seconds):

This version is more on the cute side as the girls sing and bob their heads to the music.
Version B (15 Seconds)

Version B (20 Seconds):

Daum Making Video:

Woongjin Coway:
This is the introduction video found on their website.
Woongjin Coway 1:

Some of the members’ individual takes were released, hopefully there’ll be more with the rest!
Woongjin Coway 2 (Taeyeon):

Woongjin Coway 3 (Tiffany):

Woongjin Coway 4 (Seohyun):

Woongjin Coway 5 (Yuri):

And finally, the dance version with Hyoyeon taking the reins to teach us how to move like they do!
Woongjin Coway 6 (Dance Version):

Woongjin Coway 7 (Dance Tutorial):

Keep checking back here for the release of these videos with subs! Enjoy and tell us which video is your favorite!

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Source: ssfshortclips2@youtube, aslotussmusic@youtube, SmoothyEcoS04@youtube

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