TVXQ will begin full-fledged activities in Japan.

On January 24, Japan’s Sankei Sports reported, “U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, the two member TVXQ, will appear in the January 28th broadcast episode of Asahi ‘MUSIC STATION'”

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Also in this broadcast, SNSD, Japan’s “Most Beautiful Group”, whose sensational popularity is rising, will appear together, performing the Japanese version of ‘Run Devil Run’ the first time on stage, causing expectations to rise.
Taking off the existing youthful appearance, a basic concept in black and white, chic and sexy at the same time, will be showcased, in which people are interested whether they can continue the ‘Black Soshi’ fever in Japan.

On the 25th and 26th, in the Tokyo National Yoyogi Stadium, SNSD and TVXQ will appear in the opening of SM Town Live in Tokyo, in which Japanese fans are expected to be captivated.

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