On the 25th of last month, 22,000 fans rushed to their debut event at Tokyo’s Ariake Coliseum. This month on the 8th, their first single “GENIE” placed 5th on ORICON’s daily chart. This is proof of SNSD’s popularity in Japan.

Currently at Tower Records’ Shinjuku and Shibuya shops it is decorated to commemorate the release of SNSD’s first single “GENIE”.

Life-Sized panels and posters as well as a signed apron are displayed at Tower Records shop in Shinjuku. There is an extra large display inside the entrance of the Shibuya shop. There is a display inside the shop of signed colored papers and picture panels. Also, next to the Shibuya shop at LUMINE Shibuya 1st Floor is “Café Manduka” which will have a limited edition collaboration display of SNSD until September 12th.

For details visit Tower Records Online and Café Manduka’s homepage for confirmation.

Translated by: [email protected]
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