[Asia Society Choi Joonyong Reporter] The image of Seohyun who carried out her penalty for Yonghwa, by carrying him on her back aroused up the laughter.

On the MBC ‘We Got Married’, which was broadcasted on 14th, Seohyun suggested to her husband Yonghwa, to visit the pool hall for a change in their mood. But unlike Seohyun, who is excited, Yonghwa’s footsteps seemed very heavy. It transpired that Yonghwa lost his pride on a pocket ball match with a girl, by loosing the match on his past. After that, he had a trauma against pocket ball so he disliked it.

But Yonghwa proceeded on one to one tutor for his wife Seohyun, who wanted to learn how to play a pocket ball. However Yonghwa, who was in pocket ball club during school, couldn’t show the best of his abilities while Seohyun, who tried pocket ball for the first time, showed unbelievable talent in the sport.

Yongseo couple made a bet with a penalty of giving out piggyback ride to whomever that won the competition, and contended for victory. The match has finally started, and Yonghwa went defensive on Seohyun’s unusual skills with interference. Yonghwa particularly showed his concentration and went ahead of Seohyun but her counterattack wasn’t so cheap. Two couples faced each other with the last ball, and the victory went to Yonghwa, who showed his concentration towards the end of the game.

Leaving the pool house, Yonghwa suggested to go eat spaghetti together, so the couple decides to eat. While eating the spaghetti, the couple engaged in sweet conversation and presented a pleasant image.

After that, Seohyun had to proceed with her penalty on the hill that leads to their house by carrying Yonghwa on her back. Because of tenacity of Seohyun, who didn’t gave up but carried on with her penalty by giving out Yonghwa a piggyback ride aroused the laughter.

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