The 9 member “beautiful-legged” group SNSD, who are preparing for their Japan debut in September, released their DVD “SNSD Arrival~Arrival in Japan Commemoration Disc~” on the 11th. They took off by achieving 2nd place on ORICON’s DVD Daily Ranking. According to Universal Music, “10,000 copies of the limited edition disc were shipped out, the pre-orders were sold out.”

SNSD’s, The 9 member group who charms people by dancing in sync with their matching uniforms, DVD which has their Korean music videos and bonus footage as well as their imported CDs are selling well. Signs of a boom can be seen for this K-POP girl group “big favorite”. The anticipation being received from the music industry is also big.

On Wednesday the 25th, people who bought the First Press Limited Edition version of this DVD are invited to the debut event concert at Tokyo’s Ariake Coliseum which can hold 10,000 people. This is their first time performing in front of fans in Japan. On September 8th, they will debut in Japan with the Japanese version of their Korean hit “Genie”.

On the 11th, 5 member K-POP girl group KARA debuted in Japan with “Mister”. It premiered in 5th place on the Single Daily Ranking chart. Girl groups who fight over 1st and 2nd place in Korea are debuting in Japan one after the other. You can notice that the K-POP girl scene has ignited as they begin to spread in popularity and are being more well-known.

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