SNSD’s international fans have provided a well for an underdeveloped area in celebration of SNSD’s 3rd anniversary.

On the 7th, according to the international fan site, ‘Soshified’, they have raised $5650 to provide wells for poor villages. This was possible due to donations and participation of foreign fans.

The campaign site stated that 282 people were able to drink clean water under SNSD’s name.

SNSD’s 3rd anniversary has gotten much attention due to the fans. Fans rented electronic billboards in two areas for the whole day, allowing the congratulatory message to be played over 100 times.

They have used the ‘Run Devil Run’ image and stated, “Happy 3rd anniversary to SNSD, who went over the top in Korea and is advancing to the world. SONEs will always support you.” This showed the hearts of SNSD fans who wants to be with them forever.

Credit: Nate