Popular Korean girl group SNSD has decided to have their Japanese debut through Universal Music’s NAYUTAWAVE RECORDS.

SNSD who debuted in 2007 is currently a 9-membered group with ages ranging from 18 to 21 and their company is SM Entertainment whom has been successful in churning out great results through groups like DBSK. Last year we heard an addicting melody and were enchanted by the beautiful-leg dance; “Gee” and “Genie” were big hits. In addition to being singers, they were also active in dramas and variety shows. There isn’t a day where they don’t appear in Korean media and that’s something to be proud of.

It’s been announced that on August 11th they will release a DVD called “SNSD Arrival ~ First Time in Japan Commemoration Disc” which will included their music videos and bonus footage. Those who purchase the First Press Limited Edition version of the DVD will receive an invitation to SNSD’s showcase concert at Tokyo’s Ariake Coliseum (which holds 10,000 people) on August 25th.

This January, SNSD released their 2nd album “Oh!”, and as of May the amount of CDs sold this year puts them in 1st place in Korea. On YouTube, the music video for their Electro-Pop song “Oh!” has reached over 13,000,000 views. Even though Japan only sells their imported record, SNSD has still managed to do things like rank 54th on the Oricon weekly chart*, they’re already creating quite a stir.

Out of the Korean girl groups, 4Minute debuted in May and in August KARA will continue their Japanese advancement, SNSD’s debut single is scheduled for release in September. They’ve shown how good they are in Korea; these K-POP girl groups will create a lot of talk.

“SNSD Arrival ~ First Time in Japan Commemoration Disc”

On sale: August 11, 2010
Price: Pending

SNSD’s Showcase Concert
August 25, 2010 (Wednesday)
Location: Tokyo’s Ariake Coliseum
**The Event Participation Ticket will be enclosed in the First Press Limited Edition version of the “SNSD Arrival ~ First Time in Japan Commemoration Disc” DVD.

Translator Note: The Oricon ranking is like Japan’s billboard, they rank songs by year, month, week and day.

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