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It’s been a month since Seohyun and Jung Yonghwa has first met. On their last trip as a would-be married couple, Seohyun reminisced their very first meeting. And said “I almost cried because it was so awkward”

On the MBC ‘We got Married’ (WGM) which was shown on June 12th, GIrls’ Generation Seohyun and CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa went trip to Jungdongjin to decorate their last moments as a would-be couple.

Seohyun-Jung Yonghwa couple, who looked extremely awkward from the first meeting has become friendly after declaring as a would-be couple and going through few episodes.

Inside the vehicle where they met, Seohyun yelled out “seat-belt”. Jung Yonghwa immediately fastened his seat-belt after saying “Ah…Yes”. Seohyun said “We can’t have an accident happening”

Regarding that situation, Seohyun confessed to Jung Yonghwa saing “I almost cried because it was so awkward”.

But now, they are close enough to show off aekyos to each other with a pleasant expression, and play around with each other. Their end of living as a would-be couple is yet to come.

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