[Newsen Park Seyeon reporter]

T-Ara’s Soyeon revealed that she harbored great jealousy towards SNSD.

Recently, on ‘Taxi Appearance’ on cable channel, tvN’s talk show, Soyeon honestly said, “While I was doing T-Ara activities, there was a time I was jealous of SNSD.”

Soyeon “In the new celebrity days, SNSD succeeded first and I was jealous of the different cheers on stage and different staff treatment. I had thoughts that it’d be nice if T-Ara became successful quickly,” expressing her honest feelings.

Soyeon, before her T-Ara debut, used to be a SNSD trainee under SM Entertainment. She has revealed before that she withdrew from SNSD from “lack of will”. The show is from 10PM to 12AM.

Article written by: Park Seyeon reporter
Translated by: Hyunjin808
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