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Actress and film director Goo Hye Sun emotionally cries after meeting SNSD’s Yoona?

Goo Hye Sun, on the 8th broadcast “Win Win” reveals her affection fro her junior Yoona. Goo Hye Sun confessed “Even though I’ve never directly really met SNSD’s Yoona, I really like her a lot now. Through our dance teacher, we exchanged phone numbers and have texted and called each other for a while.”

Right after Goo Hye Sun finished, the “unknown guest” Yoona appeared making Goo Hye Sun confused. When Yoona appeared, the laughter Goo Hye Sun couldn’t contain ultimately turned to tears.

After appearing, the surprised Yoona said “The really pretty Goo Hye Sun liking me makes me really surprised and shocked.” “I also really like Goo Hye Sun too,” she unveiled.

Another member from the same group Yoona is from, SNSD MC Taeyeon observed jokingly, “They say similar people play with each other, I can see why these two doll-like people like each other.”

Meanwhile in this broadcast with SNSD Yoona and Goo Hye Sun, Goo Hye Sun is also affiliated with the best friend 2NE1 Sandra Park, as they demonstrated the friendship between them.

Translated by: Yeji
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