[Newsen Park Seo Yeon]

The secure phone number of SNSD seems to have been released on a commercial website
by a person with an alias, named “Zirashi”.These numbers have been floating around the internet
for sometime, however it has been revealed that none of these numbers actually belong to the members.

SNSD’s associate company made a phone call to Newsen on April 1st saying, “We know that some
phone numbers has been floating around the commercial website, but none of these numbers belong
to any of the SNSD members.”

It has also been confirmed that actual SNSD’s phone number is different from the ones posted on the
commercial website and SNSD associate stated that, “We’ve had prank calls and such before and use a reverse phone look up service to deal with them, but this time it’s a bit chaotic.”

Then he continued on saying, “We don’t even know why these numbers are popping up. It’s possible that
if these numbers actually belong to someone else, it can cause them harm.”

On the other hand, SNSD on March 30th, during Korean Mass Music Awards got an award with their song
(Gee). They are now active with their new song, “Run Devil Run”

***NOTE: Please do note that when I translate “We’ve had prank calls and such before (…) but this
time it’s a bit chaotic.” the word chaotic can mean puzzled, confused and uncomfortable. ***

Translator: [email protected]/forums