“Black SNSD is….”Few questions about Black SNSD

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SNSD has comeback, and this time it’s black. Since March 11th, the new SNSD pictures has
been released for 4 days showing a completely new concept. Unlike their usual colorful costumes,
this concept focuses on black and glamorous theme for the girls. Their expressions also
changed dramatically. Pride, strength and high class expressions replaced their usual smiles and
cute image.

“What exactly is Black SNSD?”

Fans are endlessly asking questions about this completely different SNSD. Except for the 9
photos released, everything else remains a mystery. On the 17th, the mystery of Black SNSD is
scheduled to be revealed after the teaser video airs on the 16th. SNSD will make a comeback,
throwing away their cute and colorful image and replacing them with glamor and class. We decided
to solve some of the questions regarding the new”Black SNSD”.

1. “Black SNSD, what is it exactly?”

Black SNSD, just like it says it’s represents the dark and shady side of SNSD. Throwing away
their colorful outfits and wearing nothing but black from head to toe is their new concept. The
recent picture release of them in their new outfits have made fans explode with curiosity.
According to the fans, three possible explanations exist:

(A)Black SNSD’s true identity or concept is from “Show Show Show”, a song from their 2nd
album. Another fan accumulated that if Black SNSD appeared at the end of “Oh” music video,
then it is only logical that Black SNSD is promoting the second song in the album, “Show Show

(B)Next explanation is that, this new concept is an SMP (SM performance) meaning the new
concept is going to be talking about the fault of society. So far SM have, through their artists,
made several strong performances spreading critical messages about society. Some fans are
assuming that Black SNSD will also be joining the SMP with their new black outfits.

?The last explanation about the new concept is that, Black SNSD will have nothing in common
with previous song releases and will be a new song. Since their re-package album has come out
so quickly, it’s only natural that a new song is included. Therefore, fans are saying that Black
SNSD is a brand new concept that will come with the re-package album. SM entertainment
employee have also revealed that, “Black SNSD is representing the new song that will be included
in the re-package album. It’s going to be a completely new song that has not been included in
the 2nd album and SNSD will continue with their activities after the release.”

2.”Black SNSD? 2nd album ready to be sold-out”

In 2010, the idols have fallen into a black theme trend. The recent release of T-ara and Kara’s
black concept have shown charisma that has never been seen before and fans are loving it.
If this is so, is SNSD gong to be joining the new black theme trend?

According to a representative from SM, “Black SNSD is a concept that has been planned long
before other girl groups made their comeback. The Black SNSD concept was a secret project
that started last Fall and 80% of the filming process has already finished by the time 2nd album
was released.”

SM also explained that it was part of the marketing strategy to keep this new concept a secret.
The representative from the company explained that, “We released Black SNSD at the end of
the “Oh” video and kept the identity of Black SNSD a secret so that the fans will get curious.
This is how we could keep the fans interested.”

For SNSD, this strategy was important. On March 11th, SM started releasing new concept
pictures of each member in black and fans showed a hot reaction. The way SM released one or
two members at a time can also be said to be part of their strategy to keep the fans interested.
Of course, the order of each release was chosen without much thought and has no significant meaning
behind it. SM said that, “Each member was perfect so the order of release wasn’t too important.
We just grouped members who showed similar pose and released the pictures.”

3.”Black SNSD? Who is it for?”

So far, SNSD have kept the male crowd in mind when singing their songs. A leading example of this is the new song, “Oh”,
in the lyrics we can see that SNSD shouts “Oppa” attracting the attention from the male crowd. However, Black SNSD has
a differernt target this time, it’s very likely that the new song will be about “Unnies”. The publicity department for
SNSD said that, “Black SNSD will show a girl’s mind and thoughts . It will not only keep the male fans listening but also appeal to the
female fans.”

The fans have also showed their interest in this new concept. A high school girl, Park Taeyeon(17) said, “SNSD have been
showing way too much sexy and cuteness. They should step up and show more daring images.”

On the other hand, the re-package album is making some music industry nervous. An employee from one of the music industry
said that, “The change in idols can be give energy to the music business. However selling re-package album with a new song that
has not been included in their original album is too much of a business hoax.”

Meeting SNSD after their debut, the mysteries of Black SNSD will be revealed on the 17th after the teaser video release on the 16th.

**NOTE: Oppa is a word that’s used by a girl to describe a male usually older than themselves. Unnie is a word used by a girl to describe
older female, usually older than themselves.**

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