Dark SNSD preview- Sexy explosion on, “Show Show Show”

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One of the songs in SNSD’s new album, “Show Show Show” showed a preview of new “Dark SNSD” concept.

On Feb. 21st, SNSD through SBS “Inkigayo” performed the song “Show Show Show” on stage. On this stage, SNSD showed off their dark black costumes. They performed their title song, “Oh” and other songs showing off their sexy charms. The first, “Dark SNSD” concept was shown at the end of their “Oh” music video where the netizens named the new look, “Dark SNSD”. This new mysterious-sexy look is attracting a hot reaction from both fans and netizens. SNSD is planning to reveal their new concept and song around the start of March when they will stop their, “Oh” performance. Their new music video with this concept passed the first stage of filming before, “Oh” came out and finished filming by the 18th.

On the other hand, SNSD won first place in, “Inkigayo” two weeks straight

On the day they won first place in, “Inkigayo” SNSD’s, “Oh” also received first place in netizen’s music choice. SNSD, winning two weeks straight in “Inkigayo” and getting first place in netizen’s music choice, maintained their popularity. Furthermore SNSD on KBS 2TV “Music Bank”, was given first place on 5th, 12th and 19th of Feb. making them the most popular group in any music chart.

In conclusion SNSD, only month after their new album release, took the music world by surprise as they dominated all the music charts. Of course all their albums, music instrumentals, and records are made and sold making SNSD the music hit-makers for the first half of the year.

SNSD, after receiving first place announced, “We thank all our supervisors, associates and fans who loved us so much.”

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Note: Showx3 isn’t their next mv/promo song.