9-member girl group SNSD’s recent track can now be appreciated all over the world.

On the 9th, SNSD’s company, SM Entertainment, provided SNSD’s 2nd full album “Oh!” to more than 80 countries through the international music service, iTunes Music Store.

SM Entertainment revealed, “‘Since last 8th, ‘Oh!’ is being provided to more than 80 countries, like the USA, England, France, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc, through the ‘iTunes Music Store’.”

Soon after, they spoke about their view upon this, “We expect to provide internationally, in a more accessible way, not only SNSD’s music, but also promote the korean music itself to music admirers.”

– excluded some information disregarding SNSD –

On the other side, SNSD’s 2nd full album gathered a lot of interest by selling more than 150.000 copies and also their title track, ‘Oh!’ is being very popular, reaching the 1st position in all music charts.

Source: starnews
Translated by jek_093 @ soshified.com