SNSD released the second album on the 28th. Since the title song, “Oh”, dominated the music charts due to an earlier release on the 24th, all of their other songs on the album, when released on the 28th , also got ranked high on the boards.

One music chart filled top three with all SNSD’s, keeping Oh as #1 followed by Star, Star, Star and Show, Show, Show as #2 and #3, respectively. In this music chart, SNSD occupied 7 out of top 10’s. Other music charts are in the same situation. 5-6 songs are ranked in top 10, and all songs are within top 20.

This is where we can see the power of SNSD again. Given that the fever of SNSD is so high, it is expected that such phenomenon will continue for a while.

This is not limited to the on-line. Pre-orders for the #2 album reached up to 150,000 orders. This is close to double of the preorder amount of 80,000 for the last mini album, “Tell me your wish”.

This album to be released on Jan 28th received a total of 149,890 pre-order, consisting of 59,500 orders from on-line, and 90,390 from off-line stores, and proved the market power of SNSD.

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Congrats to our girls for owning the music charts ^^ i for one am one of the 149,890. how about you sones?