Calm down fany shippers, it’s not what you think ^^

Heechul of Super Junior and Tiffany of SNSD are applauding the movie, Joo-Mun-Jin (*note* name of the town that defines the border between the North and South Korea), when they attended the VIP Preview on the 15th at Lotte Cinema City of Jayangdong, Seoul.

The Preview was attended by Tiffany, Heechul, Leetuk, Lee YH, Ara, Choi-Kang CM who showed a tight friendship.

Whang BR and Kim KiBum of Super Junior took the main characters roles in “Joo-Mun-Jin, to depict an ardent love between the Ghost (Kim, KiBum), who suffers a deep loss of his lover, and a girl Jiny (Hwang BR). The movie will be released on the 21st.

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can’t wait to see this movie :)