On Invincible Youth, Christmas couple Sunny and Son Hoyoung showed off their close relationship.

On the Christmas special that aired on December 25th, Son Hoyoung was one of the male guests that was invited to have a party with the G7.

When Son Hoyoung showed up, the G7 members (SNSD’s Yuri and Sunny, Kara’s Goo Hara, Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha, T-Ara’s Hyomin, 4Minute’s Hyunah, and Secret’s Sunhwa) showed wild enthusiasm. Sunny and Hyomin were especially enthusiastic.

Son Hoyoung said, “Honestly, I wanted to come out on Invincible Youth because of Sunny. She shouted out really loud that she wanted to see me.”

In selecting couples, Son Hoyoung chose Sunny. After the couple game, they were to make a traditional drink together. All the couples had to choose a number of a box, and had to guess what they will have to make the drink out of by touching it with their hands.

Sunny and Son Hoyoung chose a box with mudfish in them. The mudfish were slippery to get a hold of, and the couple ended up holding hands. After having a hard time, Sunny finally got a hold of one. When she took it out as if it was nothing, it surprised all the people around.

When Son Hoyoung noticed there was something on Sunny’s hand, and he wiped it off with his own hands. G7 members were envious and jealous of the couple’s body contact.

Meanwhile in other parts of the show, Kim Shinyoung sang “Obese Rain” parodying Kim Taewoo’s “Love Rain,” and uplifted the Christmas mood.

Credit: Newsen
Translation: typicalharu @ soshified.com/forums