SNSD was awarded a ‘Korean Cultural Entertainment’ award.

They were awarded at the ’17th Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards’
on the 30th of November from 5pm at Seoul, YeoUiDo 63 City Hall.
The ‘Adult Music’ award went to Jang YoonJung.

The ceremony was hosted by singer and composer Jung WonSoo,
singer Ha MyungJi, 2007 Miss Korea Park GaWon, MC Shin YoungIl and celebrity Han DaMin.

SNSD won the ‘Teen Musical Artist’ award, along with FT Island, NoRaJo and
performed a celebratory concert.

Song SeungHun was awarded the ‘Talent’ award. Kim NamJoo was awarded
the high distinction ‘Talent’ award.

Yoon SangHyun and Yoon SungEun received excellence awards, Lim JooHwan
and Cho SeungJoon won the ‘Male Newcomer’ awards, Yoo HaNa and Cho JungSun
won the ‘Female Newcomer’ award. JinHyuk, director of SBS ‘Glory of the Family’
won the ‘Drama Director’ award.

In the film category Sul KyungGoo was bathed in glory as he won the excellence award.
SooAe was the runner up, JinGoo and Choo JaHyun won the ‘Male Female Couple’ award,
Kim NamGil and Park BoYoung won the ‘Newcomer’ awards. Kim YongHwa director of
‘National athlete’ won the ‘Director’ award.

Kim ByungMan and Jung JooRi won the highest ‘Comedian’ award, Heo KyungHwan
and Han MinKwan won excellence awards. Oh NaMee won the ‘Newcomer’ award.

Source: Star MT
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