SNSD speaks about their dreams and challenges, as well as misunderstandings reporter asked, “So now is really the ‘So Nyuh Shi Dae’ (Girls’ Generation), isn’t it?” From the popular “Gee” to their subsequent megahit “Genie (Tell Me Your Wish), ‘SNSD’ became a big hit in South Korea.

But their response was quite the contrary.

“No, we are still far away from ‘So Nyuh Shi Dae’—we still have so much more to show.”

What more could they possibly show us? SNSD’s impressive performances surpassed public expectations. Their popular songs and prevalent fashion trends proved that the girls were more than just a pretty female group. Their first megahit track ‘Gee’ is a hook song that became many Korean celebrities’ favorite and made skinny jeans a trendy fashion in the streets of Korea. 

Following ‘Gee,’ SNSD attempted another transformation. Their newest single ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ allowed the girls to abandon the repetitive and fast-paced ‘Gee’ and change from their dazzling skinny jean fashion into the fresh and sexy military marine look. 

“We didn’t want to continue with the current popular trend. We wanted to create and introduce a fresh concept. That’s why we moved away from another hook song and took off our skinny jeans. We wanted to move away from the trend we’ve created and introduce another one.”

Because there are still many things SNSD wants to do and show, it seems as if there is still a long way to go before the girls are finally satisfied with their endeavors.

◇ Challenges – Creating a trend

SNSD’s popularity skyrocketed through the release of ‘Gee.’ It wasn’t just the addictive hook song that caught the public’s attention—the vivid color of the skinny jeans and the comfortable T-shirts the girls wore during performances became a popular fashion trend. Endless parodies of ‘Gee’ were created with colorful jeans crowding the streets. 

The rumors that SNSD’s new single being completely different than ‘Gee’ resulted initially in much negative feedback due to current popularity. However, SNSD were up to the challenge. By veiling electronica with medium-paced pop dance, SNSD created ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ and entered a new realm of pop.

◇ Taeyeon
“The girls are always up for new challenges. We are always in pursuit of something new. It’s more interesting to be facing these new challenges instead of trying to fit in with the current popularity. We wanted to show the fresh and new ‘So Nyuh Shi Dae’ to the public. In spite of the popularity of the hook song, we deliberately avoided making another one.”

The same goes for the girls’ style. Combining military with costume play, the new marine concept was born. Further, the girls were able to reveal their new and sexy concept through their famous ‘hacky-sack dance’.
The new challenge SNSD faced was just another fun experience, much like their previous experience with ‘Gee’ when the megahit was released. Who would have thought the perpetually repetitive melody would be so addicting as opposed to boring? Who would have thought the colorful skinny jeans would become such a popular fashion and not rustic and dull?

The nine members stated that they are not afraid for another challenge of creating a new and popular trend since they have already accomplished it.

◇ Tiffany, Sooyoung, Jessica
“To be honest, when we began performing ‘Gee,’ the concept wasn’t popular at all. Both musically and fashionably the concept was very different and new. But through our endeavors, we were eventually successful in making the ‘Gee’ concept popular. The same goes to our new album. Although the music and style of ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ are initially unfamiliar and strange, we believe people will enjoy it.”

◇ Misunderstandings – SNSD explains through performance

‘SNSD’ are not always loved by everyone. Rude remarks and controversial rumors regarding the girls were prevalent. Not surprisingly, the pot was stirred even more with the introduction of the new album concept. 
The image of the fighter plane from SNSD’s new mini-album became a huge target by Bloggers in their claim that it is a direct replica of Japan’s Zero-sen fighter planes during World War II. Although SM had delayed the album release to retract and change the album cover, Netizens continued to criticize the group for the same reason. 

However, the nine members responded in a mature manner.

◇ Taeyeon
“When we saw these reactions concerning the album cover, we come to a realization that SNSD is watched by so many people around the world. Instead of feeling sorrowful about the situation, we promise ourselves to be stronger as a group in our performances.”

Members of SNSD are also criticized for being rude and obnoxious, and many rumors claim that the girls’ lives are controlled ever since they began their music career.

We gathered the members and asked about jealousy within the group. Yuri and Jessica responded:

“Jealousy? At first there were lots of that, but not anymore. I think the reason why many believe that there is a lot of jealousy in the group is because we are just being honest with ourselves. We are just lively and truthful girls in our early twenties. There has also been a rumor about us being controlled by others since we started our music careers when we were young. But the truth is that we choose to be careful of our actions and we have all the freedom we want.”

◇ Dreams – International performances

SNSD’s new album title is ‘Tell Me Your Wish,’ where the nine members, as genies in a lamp, will grant wish to those who ask. But what is SNSD’s wish? Their short-term goal is a successful new album and their long-term goal is a successful international performance. 

Their first wish is for their new album to be successful. Surpassing their former and successful mini-album ‘Gee’ was not an easy challenge for the girls. SNSD wanted to break their old record of winning first place for nine consecutive weeks. 

◇ Seohyun, Yoona, Hyoyeon
“It’s true that while we were creating the new album, we were all nervous about the thought of returning on stage with a better image. That’s why we tried to improve all aspect of our performance, both musically and fashionably. We are confident that ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ will be a huge success and hope to receive positive responses from our fans.”

If a successful album were SNSD’s short-term wish, then performing across the world would be their long-term one. Although SNSD revel at ‘Wonder Girls,’ ‘DBSK’ and other Korean idol groups for performing internationally, the girls do not feel they are ready to take that next step yet. 

◇ Yuri, Taeyeon, Sooyoung
“Of course we want to perform internationally. But I (SooYoung) don’t think now is the right time to do so. We would first have to learn their language and culture, as well as many others before taking that step. We believe that one day our bright and clean impression will one day connect with other nations around the world.”

Striving to be a trend leader instead of just an idol group, SNSD are nine youthful girls with little time for rest. Not only will their passion and dream allow them to perform in Asia, but across and around the world where their wish will be finally fulfilled.

Credit: translated by Glucose @ soshified forums edited by aseo @ soshified forums