[07.31.09] Soshi’s Fanclub Donates for a Good Cause on Tiffany’s 20th Birthday

Through a newspaper advertisement, So Nyuh Shi Dae’s fanclub left an encouraging message to celebrate Tiffany’s 20th birthday.

On the 31st, the Hwa Soo Eun Hwa 2030 fanclub revealed, “The first of August 2009 is So Nyuh Shi Dae member Tiffany’s 20th birthday. Fans put up a newspaper advertisement in the Hankyoreh newspaper on the first of August to deliver an encouraging and a congratulatory birthday message.”

Furthermore, they said, “Not only did we put up a newspaper advertisement congratulating her on her birthday, but we also donated things like a washing machine, a TV, and other electronic and medical devices such as a suction pump to the Hansarang Baby Care Center for Disabled Babies in Gyeonggi-do Gwangju under Tiffany’s name.”

They also added, “So Nyuh Shi Dae have showed us who they’re taking care of on ‘Hello Baby’. But on Tiffany’s birthday, we planned to share some warm-hearted feeling towards disabled children and so ten female members of Hwa Soo Eun Hwa visited the center personally wherein they took care of the children and participated in some volunteer work.”

This time though, besides Hwa Soo Eun Hwa, Chinese Fansite SNSDChina and International Fansite Soshified.com (an English website) also participated in the event. The Chinese fans said, “We are happy that we could help the needy people and we are grateful for having the opportunity to do so.” While the Soshified Administrator sent a message saying, “United as one, So Nyuh Shi Dae fans from many countries participated in this together which makes it meaningful and we hope that Tiffany receives this present happily.”

It seems that many people misunderstand Hwa Soo Eun Hwa 2030 as a gathering of “uncle fans”. But majority of its members are unnies and oppas in their early or mid-twenties. They explained, “There are some fans who are in their mid-twenties and are under thirty and they plan things and have a leading role in the community, but it’s not that there are only uncle fans.”

Source: Sosiz
Written by Song Yoonsaeh
Translated by [email protected]/forums
Edited by [email protected]/forums