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The Jessica – Park Myungsoo duet, formed through ‘Infinity Challenge,’ will follow in the steps of Yoo Jaesuk, Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae and take the stage on MBC’s Music Core.

The duet who performed at MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge – Olympic Song Festival’ plan to continue the popularity of their hit song ‘Naengmyun’ by performing on a music show.

An employee at Park Myungsoo’s management company stated on the 22nd that, “Both people will perform at Music Core’s show on the 25th. However, due to Park Myungsoo’s schedule conflicts, they will not be able to perform live. Instead, a prerecorded performance from the morning will be broadcast.”

The fact that Park Myungsoo and SNSD’s Jessica even met became a hot topic. After ‘Naengmyun’ was revealed on ‘Infinity Challenge,’ it gathered sensational popularity.

Last week’s ‘Music Core’ broadcast on the 18th was a huge hit with viewer ratings of 9.9% (TNS Media Korea Research Standards), which is nearly double the normal ratings, due to the performance of Yoo Jaesuk. People are interested in seeing what effects Park Myungsoo and Jessica’s performance will bring.

Source: Mydaily
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