Even though they are wearing same uniforms and shoes, if you look at them from their sides, it is easy to tell who’s who: Yuri’s black hair glistened as if her hair has been washed in obsidian, Yoona’s scarlet hair was tied up neatly and she had skinny wrists, and Tiffany had short wavy hair. They all look the same but they all have their own character. This is because SNSD’s charm is shown through its individual members’ personality, while each members control their own character.

On the day when I met SNSD, first member who caught my eyes was Sooyoung. With Sooyoung’s sudden hairstyle change from having a long hair to short hair, Sooyoung’s new hairstyle accentuated her height; her eye-make ups captures your attention. Sooyoung’s briskness may seem like she is tomboyish. However, as soon as the interview began, Sooyoung, with her sharp character, actively participated the interview session. Tiffany would be sad if she was the second best for being bright and active. From the moment I met her, no matter what kind of questions I asked her, she kept smiling brightly. I can’t imagine how much she practiced for her to lose her voice, but this didn’t stop her from throwing out some jokes to enlighten the mood, portraying her outstanding optimism.

Although ice princess Jessica is composed, she is actually an active member. She is serious and clever, but I was surprised how beautiful her laughter was when I mentioned “Naengmyun” (Song by Myungcadrive [Park Myungsoo + Jessica sang for infinity challenge]). Because of this kind of spontaneous dramatic moment, I am pretty sure that she receives lots of attention. Hyoyeon’s charm is explosive on stage, but when you see her in person, she is calm and quiet. It was difficult to hide the fact that she is a dancer because she utilized body language first when she was explaining things.

Although Taeyeon is the leader of the group, I can sense that she tries to avoid interview questions unless she thinks that it’s necessary for her to step in. Instead of answering interview questions, she was holding a portable mini fan for Sooyoung’s neck and she was fixing Tiffany’s skewed tie; she was taking care of other members like a mom. On the other hand, Sunny was dangling her feet back and forth, while sitting on a high chair, like a kid; she was so cute. When I asked Sunny some questions, her answers really impressed me. Asked where Heechul’s shoes was, Sunny answered, “Are you talking about Soonkyu’s shoes? Well I wore it since Heechul oppa asked me to…”

It seemed like most of the other quiet members were concentrating on something. Yoona was laughing hard at other member’s answer, but she suddenly became shy when I asked her some questions. Instead of answering my question, she was busy playing around with the portable mini fan. Yuri was humming, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, as she watched their own performance on the camcorder. Finally, Seohyun was listening attentively to her unnies’ response to my interview questions on the other end, while she enjoyed fanning herself with a chick-shaped fan. Throughout the interview, Seohyun was elegant. During the break, she started chewing something. When I approached her, she was holding a handful of Kangnaengyi(korean popcorn). She said, “We eat this often because we like it”. She resembled a bunny when she smiled. Then I joked, “Hahaha, Maknaengyi is eating Kannaengyi (pun). If someone were to ask me what my wish is, I would wish for becoming a lovely girl like them. When they are not on stage, it feels like SNSD is in my reach, yet they are not; SNSD’s existence is truly dazzling.

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