Girl group SNSD’s maknae Seohyun showed tears, touched by the surprise birthday party that her members had thrown her.

Seohyun was very touched at the recording site of KBS Joy’s ‘SNSD’s Hello Baby’ because of the unexpected birthday party.

According to the staff on the 4th, Seohyun received a home-baked cake and rolling paper which messages were written on them.

The staff said, “For Seohyun, whose birthday was on the day before the recording date for ‘Hello Baby,’ SNSD members prepared a surprise birthday party. They prepared the party on the day of the recording because they didn’t have time to celebrate due to the busy schedule.”

According to the staff, Seohyun showed tears and expressed her gratitude during the shoot. This recording will be broadcasted on the coming 7th, at 11:10 PM.…mp;newssetid=83
Translations credits to daisy kim @ Soshified