[Star Self-Cam①] Song Changui, “If It’s with Yoona, Then I’m Cinderella Man!”

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“We’re 12 years apart, but don’t we match rather nicely?”

Song Changui(31) has crossed over from a regular musical actor to a national star. In the Wed+Thurs. MBC drama, “Cinderella Man,” he currently plays as the ‘perfect son’ that any mother would want, Lee Jaemin. He is always hung on endless scripts and schedules 24/7, but shooting the drama is always fun.

That is because of his character’s love-line with Yoona who is really known as “human endorphin” or “walking vitamin.” In the drama, his love for Yoona is one-sided and he is Kwon Sangwoo’s rival, but the atmosphere on the set is completely different. He reveals his 24 hours in a day, playing Yoona’s Nintendo games (Yoona is 12 years younger, or young enough to share same zodiac sign), and he warms himself up by playing catch with Kwon Sangwoo through this “Star Self-Cam.”

^ (left) “I hate heavy make-up. Please put it on lightly.” Early every morning, he gets his make-up done at a make-up place in Chungdam. If he doesn’t want to be called “uncle” by the 12-years-younger Yoona, isn’t it essential to look nice?
(right) After finishing with make-up, transform once again into proper clothes. I Hate work clothes, but if I want to be every mother’s favourite son, formal clothing is a must.

^ After soaking up the transformation into Lee Jaemin, it’s time to analyze the script. No matter how tired I am, I wake right up when I get the script.

^ (left) As soon as I arrive on set, my love Yoona greets me. Yoona and I are so close, she’s like my younger sister. She’s been calling me “Oppa! Oppa!” from the first time we met, and seemed so carefree. Maybe because she’s a singer, but she’s one step higher than me in Camera-Pose Know-how. I thought, “I guess I could just teach her some acting,” but what the? I feel a little frustrated when I think, “I have to do well.” Yoona leads you well from the basic V-pose to the fashion model-like pose… “she’s so greedy.” T_T
(right) Another beautiful woman, Han Eunjung. Eunjung and I still don’t really have intimate lines in the drama, so we’re still a little awkward with each other? But I’m thankful for her friendliness when she gladly poses with me for this self-cam with a peace sign.

^ (left) Me with fellow colleagues that I spend 24 hours a day with. Of course I can’t forget Sangwoo hyung. In the drama, we’re rivals, but on the set, we go crazy playing catch(with a ball) and talking about baseball. This shot is of us with our shoulders together like real men. (Right) A real mood-lifter on the set, Ahn Seokhwan sunbae

>> To be continued in ②

Reporter Lee Inkyung


Source: Sosiz and JES
Translation: [email protected]