‘Cinderella Man’s PD, “Yoona’s acting is excellent!”

[Minitoday Starnews’ Reporter Kim Hyunrok]

The coming 15th is the first broadcasting of the new Wednesday-Thursday drama, ‘Cinderella Man’, and its PD, Yoo Jungjoon, didn’t spare any compliments for its main character, SNSD’s member Yoona.

PD Yoo said, “Her acting ability is excellent,” and “when she concentrates on her role, the emotions are expressed superbly, with just the right feeling for the screen. Up to now, (everything’s) perfect,” he praised highly.

“(Her) features are nice and she works hard, too. Be it concentration or her character interpretation, her sensibility or her speaking, everything is good,” and “(She) is pretty and she is an actress with the potential to become a star. Ten years from now she’ll definitely become a top star,” he said. In the upcoming drama, set in the fashion mecca Dongdaemun and based on the story ‘The prince and the Pauper’, Yoona has the role of the female main character Seo Yoojin, who while studying design abroad in Paris, received the news that her father suddenly passed away and ends up working in Dondaemun.

“Kwon Sangwoo suits his two roles remarkably well. We don’t even feel the age difference (between the leads),” he added, raising the expectation.

Source: Starnews
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