In MBC’s latest Wednesday-Thursday drama “Cinderella Man”, photos taken of the three main leads Kwon Sangwoo, Yoona and Han Eunjung at the filming set had been revealed, drawing much attention from the masses.

“Cinderella Man”, set to air on April 15th after “The Return of Ijimae”, tells a story of Oh Daesun (acted by Kwon Sangwoo) who works part time in the Dongdaemun (East Gate) shopping area as a strikingly similar looking replacement for the heir of a famous fashion company Lee Junhee (acted by Sangwoo as well). The story had been branded as the modern version of “The Prince and the Pauper” due to the great disparity in wealth and status between the two characters portrayed by Sangwoo.

Yoona acted as Seo Yujin in the drama, a character who had to abandon her fashion designing studies overseas in Paris to attend to her father’s funeral back in Korea. Seo Yujin worked temporarily in a fashion designing company in Dongdaemun after her return and one of her sunbaes in the company was model-cum-designer Jang Seeun, acted by Han Eunjung. After meeting each other, the three main leads became tangled in a complex and romantic love triangle.

The major changes to Yoona’s and Eunjung’s hairstyles, which was agreed to by the girls without any hesitation, had been the subject of much discussion amongst everyone. This time round, more pictures at the filming set had been released showing off yet another set of character images for the three main leads.

As the drama was set in the world of fashion designing, the three main leads carried out their filming with the mindset of “designing clothes that are both modern and trendy”.

Meanwhile, Sangwoo is busy juggling both his filming of the movie “More than Blue” and the drama “Cinderella Man”. Yoona is concentrating fully on the the filming of “Cinderella Man”, and will not be able to participate in the recent promotional activites of the highly popular girl group SNSD.


Translation: zjh319@yoonachina and [email protected]