Recently, pictures of Yoona attending her classes and appearing on campus has been brought up as a hot topic of discussion.

SNSD’s Yoona was accepted to the Theatrical Division at Dong Gook University this year.
And pictures of Yoona patiently waiting for her lecture has been uploaded on various websites.

Currently Yoona’s schedule is filled with performances of the relentlessly famous ‘Gee‘, and also with the shooting of MBC Wed/Thursday drama, ‘Cinderella Man‘; however Yoona is still seen attending her classes.

On the 12th, SM Entertainment stated that, “Even though she is busy with overwhelming amounts of schedules and has a hard time keeping up with school, Yoona still tries to attend her classes daily.”

On the other hand, an Online Portal Site, D.C. Inside conducted a poll (during the period Feb. 24th ~ Mar. 3rd) on the question of ‘Which of the celebrity freshmen starting college/university this year, would probably do the best?’

The results pronounced Yoona as #1 with 3178 votes of 8920, while 2nd place went to G-Dragon of Big Bang and 3rd place went to Sunye of Wonder Girls.

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