Tiffany’s “As times goes by (Yoon Mirae)” is drawing interests from Netizens.

Viewers were amazed by Tiffany after she showed her passionate singing in SBS 42th episode of “1000 songs challenge”.

After the broadcasting, Netizens posted the video clip to various Internet forums and portal sites, and commented, “I was amazed by the rich and emotion-filled voice”, “I didn’t know Tiffany was this good at singing”.

On the same day SNSD (Sooyoung, Tiffany, Yuri) successfully sang ‘Oppa’ in the final round and took the winning trophy.


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Netizens’ attention is drawn to Tiffany as she perfectly sang “As time goes by” and “Love and War”.


Tiffany, who is known to have memorized more than 50 songs, also sang Davichi’s “Love and War” without any noticeable mistake, and could take the winning trophy that day.

Netizens excitedly showed reponses like “Tiffany is born with talent”, “Tiffany is really good. SNSD is pretty good at singing”, “She has a rich and emotion-filled voice”, etc.

In the meanwhile, SNSD, who came back with mini album “Gee” after 9 months break, has taken the top place in various music charts, including the major 3 broadcasting channels.

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