SNSD, “We wanted a showdown with Wondergirls, too”

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[OSEN= Reporter Lee Jeonga]
How is it possible for them to be this refreshing… looking at them I can’t stop myself from saying, “Oh my! how can they be so pretty!”. This is probably the reason for the huge number of male fans that they have these days. SNSD (Yoona, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, Seohyun), all nine of them are back. Indeed, nowadays the kpop scene IS ‘Girls Generation’.

# they’ve gotten prettier!

I first met them in 2007, and 2 years have passed since their debut performance. These girls, who I haven’t seen for so long, have gotten even more refreshing. When asked about the secret behind it, “Even while we were inactive we exercised a lot, though people have told us we’ve gotten prettier because, as years passed by, we’ve naturally matured and our baby fat is gone too,” they answered while laughing loudly.

Hyoyeon said, “Especially our youngest Seohyun, because she is in her third year of high school, her studies and activities, doing all these things are dead tiring… that is why she lost her baby fat so quickly and has gotten prettier. Seohyun, because she’s always studying hard and giving her all in our activities, it’s always going to be an example of a hard-working SNSD.”

Even though all of them are affected by the ‘national flu’ and weren’t in their best condition, we saw them giggling happily. Unfortunately Taeyeon couldn’t attend the interview because she had a terrible cold.

# ‘Gee’! Definitely a SNSD song!

Gee, is a lively and lovely song about the fluttering feelings of a girl falling in love for the first time, with dances that match the lyrics such as the ‘crab leg dance'(moving along bending their legs right and left) and the ‘G dance'(drawing the letter ‘G’ with their hands). There was an explosion of interest in the choreography as soon as the music video was revealed.

I’m curious at how they felt when they met this song for the first time. Jessica answered, “Since we haven’t attempted this kind of fast beat before, we felt refreshed and excited while recording it. We had fun practicing it too. We are performing it happily on stage.”

Tiffany, her eyes full of laughter, replied, “When we got this song for the first time, we were worried that it was a little different from SNSD’s style. However, when all nine of us sang it, we were relieved that it had a SNSD kind of feeling. If other people sang it, I wonder if it would feel different…”

Now it’s unthinkable to imagine other people singing this song besides SNSD.

# We were looking forward to being active with Wondergirls, too!

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Whenever SNSD is standing on stage, it has been mentioned frequently that they always strive for a better performance. That’s why, after the performance is over, they practice it one more time on their way home. “Even if it’s only by a little bit more, we want to show you a better performance,” they said, clenching their fists in determination.

In fact, since SNSD’s comeback was slated for the latter half of last year, there were many music fans who were looking forward to the interesting face-to-face showdown between the two national representatives for girl groups, SNSD and WG. However the match between these two teams unfortunately didn’t happen.

No matter how hard SNSD worked and gave their best in making their album for their anticipated comeback, it kept being postponed again and again.

When told that there were many people who were disappointed that they couldn’t see this showdown, SNSD answered calmly, “We are really disappointed, too.”

Jessica cleared, “Although some of our members are really close to WG, in the latter part of last year it was not only WG. There were many respectable senior singers who we sincerely wanted to be active together with, too.”

Likewise Yuri said, “We are close with WG’s members and we’d love to have performances with them, too. It would have been great to be active together, so we feel really disappointed that we couldn’t. Despite this, we put a lot of effort to show our best in our new album and even though we appeared after WG finished their activities, we think that if we were active at that time, WG would focus more after watching us, and vice versa. That kind of synergy.”

In addition, when asked about the rivalry with WG, they said that each group has their own charms, and that both groups work hard to follow the path they’ve chosen and feel confident in it.

“Because WG’s songs and our songs’ styles and genres are different, we don’t think that we are rivals, so perhaps it’s because our age is similar that people seem to refer us as such. Still, we mutually think that our personalities are very different. We had once a cross performance where we switched songs with WG, and since then we have started to understand each other well. Now, just by looking at each others eyes, for some reason we feel happier and closer. Maybe the people that watch this exchange find it funny. We mutually feel that we shine more when we are together,” said Hyoyeon, smiling brightly.

# As time passes, SNSD gets another kind of natural youthfulness!

SNSD stated that, as time goes by they want to keep their youthfulness in a natural way. SNSD, who debuted in their late teens, have kept their youthful looks even now. Even by wearing just jeans and white t-shirts, they receive comments such as ‘they’ve gotten mature’, and ‘they are sexy’. It’s because they have matured and grown naturally.

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That’s how these girls have grown, making their fans who have looked over them proud. Their teenage fans and, of course, their ‘oppa’ fans too, couldn’t be happier. Even if it was for a short time, I feel that just by being together with these girls, they’ve given me a great time. ‘Oppas’ must be laughing today, too. Shouting “Gee!Gee!Gee!” of course.

Translation: Cph@soshified.com
Source: OSEN
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