[28.01.09] SNSD: “We haven’t had much experience in love”

As to the question, where the 9-member girlgroup does set the age limit for uncles and oppas, they answered “It’s different, depending on the situation.”.

“If I feel close to the person, I will call him “Oppa”. For example, Park Myung Soo oppa, who’s over 40 and Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong oppa, who are also in their late 30s. I’m not saying “Ajussi” or “Samchon” often because I’m uncomfortable with that. And if the age gap is too big, then I call the person “Teacher””. (Yoona)

SNSD’s common fans are in their 20~40s and male. The most active fanclub “Soshiddang” has 500 male fans who are older than 20.

There are many differences between a young fan and a “Ajussi”-fan. The “Ajussi”-fans give them healthy drinks and snacks as presents and instead of cheering on shows they try to be helpful doing good things for SNSD.

They jointly buy products advertised by SNSD and as for the new album – they bought 20 albums and also gave them away as presents to their loved ones. On SNSD’s homepage, there’s also an extra discussion board for them where they can give them advices on the music and choreography.

“At first, I felt akward to have so many older fans but now I really appreciate their support. To fans, who are in their youth or over 30 and too shy to cheer for us…just support us often with watching our performances. There are also fans, who meet at our debut date or on our birthdays and celebrate together.” (Sooyoung)

The recently released mini album “Gee” has won the hearts of many male fans. Because of the song lyrics about the shyness of a person’s first love, their tall and thin figures looking like maron-colored dolls and their cute dance, they were all beloved since their debut. Two days after the release of their song, they got the first place on 6 online music charts as well as on KBS 2TV “Musicbank” and SBS TV “Inkigayo”.

“I don’t know if you would believe me but all our members haven’t had much experience in love. We wanted to express the feelings of a girl in love, who is confused and doesn’t know what to do. But since we didn’t know that feeling, we just put our hands together, shaked our shoulders and sang more quietly. Although for the first time, it helped us and we learned how to do these expressions/gestures.” (Tiffany, laughing)

SNSD, whose members trained for 5 to 9 years to debut, started laughing when they said “We aren’t experienced in dating although it would be so important to have the experience of having a boyfriend.”

Referring to last year’s girlgroups Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry and many others, SNSD expressed “We awaited the day we could perform again eagerly. This year, starting with “Gee”, we intent to improve ourselves. When our overall grade would have been a B+, then we want to improve ourselves to a A+.” (Taeyeon)

Source: Ilgan Sports
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