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It’s hard for a woman who had her man taken away to keep her state of mind. They constantly shift between craziness and hatred. This phenomenon was shown through SBS’s “My Man’s Woman” by script writer Kim Soo hyun.

Gong Hyun Ju, who is acting as a careerwoman Kim Soo Bin in KBS drama “You Are My Destiny” (Writer: Moon Eun Ah, Producer:Kim Myung Ook), has a different look in her eyes in recent episodes. This is because she has to show the jealousy she feels towards Sae Byuk, who stole the heart of the man she loves. This is the biggest act that she has done after her 2001 Supermodel debut.

“I can’t deny that Soo Bin is a mean character. But I can also understand her, too. Although SooBin is self-centered careerwoman, she is very obidient to the man she loves. That’s why she is so likable.”

Even though it is a drama act, how would the So Nyuh Shi Dae member, Yoona, feel? “The producer requests that I actually be mean to Yoona. But Yoona is too nice and innocent. I can’t find anything to dislike her with. We have a good Unnie-dongseng relationship. She is really mature.”

The 171cm Gong Hyun Joo is noticing her image through her acting as SooBin. “i think there is a sharp image to me. Also, there is the opposite image. I actually have a normal, cute side to me. I like to work with ease. I am not that much of a feisty person.”

There is a worry that surfaces while acting. It is about the ending of this drama. “I want SooBin to be successful with Ho-sae. If Sae Byuk and Ho-Sae become together im worried about how I will act Soobin’s pain. I don’t know the ending.”

She said that acting in the drama made her see what men really are. “I don’t like men that are indecisive like Ho-Sae. I said a line in the drama ‘It is a sin for a man to be indecisive.’ That line touches my heart. I would like to meet a man who is decisive in real life.” (laughs)

Translation: FanyLove @ soshified
Source: Joongang Entertainment and Sports (JES)