DBSK, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, and SNSD, 4 extremely popular idol groups, have donated some of their personal belongings to be auctioned.

Starting on July 21st, DBSK, Wonder Girls, SNSD, and Big Bang will be participating in MBC Radio’s “Park KyungLim’s Starry Night”‘s Summer Special, “2008, Starry Night’s Celebrities’ Belongings 100 Second Discussion” for 8 days.

The 4 groups donated personal belongings such as rings, hats, t-shirts, and cellphone accessories for auction, where all the proceeds will go to Unicef.

Listeners win items by estimating exact price of the auctioned items. There’s a lot of anticipation for the broadcast, for the celebrities will be advertising their items through interviews and/or bye explaining the significance of their items.

There is a great deal of attention, especially, because fans can hear DBSK and SNSD, who haven’t been really active recently.

PKL’s Starry Night can be heard everynight at 10:05 PM on 95.9MHz.

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