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With the debut of the 9 membered group SNSD last August, SNSD has had one hit after another starting
with ‘Into the New World’ to “Girls Generation’ to ‘Kissing You’.

With the Lunar New Years, StarNews have individually interviewed each member of SNSD, who have been
bringing joy to their younger (brothers & sisters), older (brothers & sisters), soldiers, uncles fans of all

Following Questions & Answers from HyoYeon:

– Where and what do you plan to do this Luna New Years? And if you had to choose the one thing you
wanted to do the most during the holiday?

▶ As we did every year, the whole family and relatives will gather at my grandfather’s place and we will
make food, eat them, and get good rest ^^. We also planned to go some place close (as a trip) with the

– Any memorable moments during the Lunar New Years until now?
▶ When my grandfather’s place became very crowded because my family and all 3 of of my father’s
brothers’ family’s and even their friends came over.

– After your debut last August and becoming a singer, this is the first Lunar New Years and I imagine it
feels different. How do you feel this Lunar New Years?

▶ Um … it feels the same ^^. I’m just happy that I get a chance to see my cousins after a long time
because of the break.

– If you can introduce one thing the whole family can do to have a joyful Lunar New Years?
▶ I only stay home T_T.

– If you can pick the most memorable moment since your debut until now?
▶ When SNSD ranked #1 for the first time on M! Countdown.

– Any activity plans for SNSD after Lunar New Years?
▶ We’ll continue promoting ‘Kissing You’ and an another song. And keep on practicing hard even while
working to grow/develop myself more ^^.

– Is there any Lunar New Years greeting you want say to our StarNews Readers?
▶ Have a great Lunar New Years~ and Happy (2008) New Years♡.

—————————credits to: StarNews & ak6c@soshified
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