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[TIFFANY] Turn It Up Tee

01 July 2009 - 05:37 AM

Tiffany was wearing the TURN IT UP tee that we gave to her with the Hollywood Bowl 2009 gifts.
Sorry for the bad screencaps >< my player is so pixelated... but you can tell that it's the shirt.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Posted Image

Post more if anyone has better ones ^^

[SOSHI] ChinChin Ice Cream Cake

01 July 2009 - 05:06 AM

Confirmed by eemo, it's the ice cream cake that they brought to bora on July 1st 09 for the ChinChin support project.

Posted Image

IT'S OUR CAKE, NO ONE ELSE CAN CLAIM IT. (The two ones bottom right and bottom left, with pink ribbon)

Official Pictures:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Once again, cakes are with the pink ribbons.. now you can clearly see the resemblance between the boxes that the girls are eating out of, and the boxes in our picture of our gifts. The design on the side is dead giveaway.

(My) Failcaps:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Some rushed screenshots, if anyone has better, please do share ^^.

Other fangroups / fans brought gifts and food as well, and although none of our toys were used on bora.. our cake was the ONLY thing to be brought into the bora. IMO mission success!

From the Soshified members that delivered the gifts: Not only were there food from Soshified there but also from Korean fans. However, the staff & even Tablo was like fighting for our food because the Chinchin staff actually let us bring the food in vs the Korean fans who had food but because ours were in boxes and easier to manage, they picked ours over theirs. However the best part is the ice-cream cake we brought in, Sunny saw the cake and went "oh ice cream cake?" and wanted some so they brought the cake in. After the show was over Sooyoung & Yuri were still eating the cake like crazy. Gifts were given to the girls and all is good. Valiant effort by samchon, eemo, sam & john. Sam & John got autographs and talked to Tiffany personally in english too so wait for their fan accounts.

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spazz accordingly ^^

[05.06.09 - 05.10.09] sAxy's essay of a HB 2009 Experience

20 May 2009 - 03:04 AM

Part 1


So, it’s May 19th... only 10 days after the 2009 Korean Music Festival.. that’s not too bad, right? Sorry for the delay anyways.. it took a while to get all of the pictures and videos ready, due to post trip delays, and various people going out of town again. (me included) Thanks to everyone involved in creating graphics, helping with the encoding, and etc. Big thanks to renesis who encoded all of my videos and made them look smexy ^^. Now.. I just hope people are still interested in fanaccounts... cuz if I get no replies.. I’m gonna be a saaaaad panda T-T. Well without further ado, here’s the fan account of my time spent in Los Angeles for the Korean Music Festival 2009 @ the Hollywood Bowl.

I’m going to apologize in advance for any pictures/videos that you see in this post that make you go “... uhh.. wtf?” I’m no professional for sure.. and well.. ... those high pitched manscreams in the fancams.. OF COURSE THAT’S NOT ME. Where would you get a crazy idea like that... ^^;;;. Oh and, all people in this post, will most probably be referred to by Soshified username, so that other people will know who they are, as not everyone knows all of our real names :). Oh yeah.. and I’m Jonah, aka sAxy (incase you didn’t already know that.. ... .. ^^;;).

Los Angeles

So anyways, let’s start at the beginning of the trip. So me, renesis and sekshi had been in LA since May 6th, Wednesday. We were hanging out, doing a little exploring, driving around town, had a bit of fun before the SNSD lovin began. Thursday morning we went out to pick up some of our tickets for the concert, and I snapped a shot of the promotional poster.

Posted Image

Sexy Poster, SNSD right in the middle ye YEAH!

Then... driving through the streets, we pulled up behind a bus at some point, and I was surprised to see this.

Posted Image

It seems that Hollywood Bowl fever is everywhere~ even on the local buses ^^

We headed to a Kinkos shop where the three of us spent OVER AN HOUR cutting these freaking Soshified nametags... ^^;;. It was.. “fun,” to say the least.. rofl. At least they turned out well in the end~

Posted Image

A finished stack of 150 Soshified Nametags~

On Thursday night, we went over to the Wilshire Grand hotel, which is the sponsor hotel for the Korean Music Festival 2009, hoping to perhaps catch a glimpse of the girls. After some awkward walking around... and dodging of big security guys... (I swear this one guy was like staring us down... we ninjaed around the corner and down the stairs though, as he came up the escalator.. rofl)... we settled down and tried to find some Soshified people that were already at the hotel.

A heckofalongtime few minutes later we were told were some were and set off to find them. We quickly found them.. but were too scared to go say hi.. rofl? so there was.. awkward standing right next to them.. which took place for.. probably 5 minutes ROFL. Sooooooo awkward. But anyways, eventually someone went to ask if they’re from Soshified.. (sekshi I think?) and they were. I don’t remember everyone... but I remember a few... umm.. (apologies if these are not the wrong people.. and yeah correct me if I’m wrong please...). So anyways some of the people we met were iceprince, IceSicaFever, Sai, and Jeanne. I believe there were a few others, but either I didn’t know their names, or I have since forgotten.

We chatted for a while.. nothing really happened.. basically just hung out but no SNSD was ever in sight. So we sat there... waiting for a Soshi that never came.. and our friend Shortyyy126 who.. eventually came.. (despite taking FOREVER). Ramen with her for dinner, then random driving around for like hours.. (lol?) until we dropped her off at the Wilshire, and went back to our hotel. Yeah we weren’t even staying at the Wilshire yet... cuz that place is pretty dang expensive. (Failed Soshi Stalker attempt #1)

Friday May 8th


After a fairly late wake up, we went over to LAX to pick up friends Holly, `j E n NㅣE-, and h3Lga. A squished car ride later, we were walking through the doors of the Wilshire Grand hotel, bags in hand. Take that, suspicious security guys! So the six of us were coming up the escalator at the entrance, and the first person I see is none other than Soy. Having never seen her before, I wouldn’t have known it was really her.... other than the fact she was wearing an I <3 Yul shirt, and carrying around a 2ft Yuri poster. ROFL indeed. After a quick hello and introductions, Holly went to check us in at the desk.

I believe it was at this time, that h3Lga. said something along the lines of “look, it’s So Nyuh Shi Dae!” After running to the edge of the upper lobby, and looking down, I noticed several tall looking girls walking out of view. (At least at the time, they looked tall.. ^^;;). At this point in time, renesis, sekshi, h3Lga., and me literally dropped all of our bags and rushed down the escalator to catch a glimpse of the girls. Soy and lynn'safanylover (who I didn’t know at this time) were with us, and it was at this point in time where Soy was showing the girls her poster (for the first time I believe), and lynn'safanylover rushed into the elevator surrounded by six glorious members of our beloved group So Nyuh Shi Dae. At the time, I was only able to catch a glimpse of Yuri, and Sooyoung, as I didn’t run right in front of the elevator. Seeing them for the first time ever in person, I must say.. nerves struck me quite hard. After seeing the doors close on lynn'safanylover’s smiling face, we went back to the upper lobby, where she came running out of the elevator screaming. I must say, it was a very action packed first 10 minutes.

The excitement died down, so me, renesis, and sekshi, decided to go up to our room. We got in the elevator on lobby level, hit the button for the floor that we were on, and the elevator proceeded to go up. However, we stopped only one floor up, at the Ballroom level, as apparently someone was waiting there to get on. As the doors opened, none other than Sunny stepped into view. After seeing that the elevator was full, she turned around and moved away from the elevator. (Apparently Yuri was also standing there with her, however I did not see her) This is when both renesis, and sekshi dropped their bags and literally lunged for the door open buttons. However, both were too slow, and the doors closed in our faces. (Failed Soshi Stalker attempt #2)

We just sort of stared at each other, as the elevator went up to our floor, with disbelief in our eyes. A bit of a sad moment, but oh well.. at least there would be more in the future... or so we hoped. After dropping our bags in our room, we lazed around for a while like 5 minutes, before getting antsy and going back down to the lobby so as not to miss any more SNSD moments.

I remember sitting around for quite a while, half mingling with other Sones and Soshified members, half staring at the elevator doors hoping that one of the girls would make a venture out into the lobby.


Eventually though, a few sightings were had, and in quick succession. I unfortunately gained nothing from these, except the personal joy from seeing the girls in person and being so close to them. Other people had much better experiences from these same moments, from following the girls when they left the hotel, as I’m sure you can read about in other fan accounts, but unfortunately, I stayed behind in the lobby. But enough about that, let’s get back to the girls.

So first out, was Hyoyeon and Seohyun. They came down together, and both looked stunningly beautiful. I remember them literally walking right by me, as I was standing near the escalators, and I sort of just swiveled around following them with my eyes ^^;; (shush I’m not creepy). Hyoyeon stopped to sign one album if I’m not mistaken, but other than that, they were out the front doors, quick as a flash. I half followed them to the front door, and watched them leave, and the girls were skipping arm in arm just outside the hotel. I almost died seeing a super cute moment in person >.<. After watching them walk down the street for a little bit, (again, not creepy... shush u guys..) I went back into the hotel.

A bit more waiting around, and then Yuri came down. However, she was accompanied from the elevator, to the front door of the hotel by one of their managers, and because of this, did not stop to sign anything, whether she wanted to or not. A little while after her, Sooyoung came down with one of the female managers/staff that was with them. They exited the hotel together, and walked down the street holding hands. OMG so cuuuuuute.

A little while after seeing all of this happen, me, renesis, and sekshi, decided to go out and perhaps try to find them all. We went to the nearby mall, but again, failed miserably at finding anyone... (Failed Soshi Stalker attempt #3). We met up with Holly, `j E n NㅣE-, and h3Lga., who were just finishing their lunch out, and were told of some VERY cute/awesome moments that they were part of / witnessed after following some of the girls. I believe you can read about them in h3Lga.’s fan account.


A lot more waiting around, blah blah boring... then the girls left for their rehearsal. They came down in pairs, however they were often accompanied by managers, and I don’t think anyone ever stopped to sign anything. However, they acknowledged us fans a few times, with nods and smiles, and people were calling out their names, and saying things like “good luck~” to them. I remember seeing Taeyeon and Sunny coming down together, and they were so cute looking~ Our little kiddies~ :). Last but not least, was Jessica, and it was the first time for me to see her. She glided silently from the elevator to the escalator accompanied by a manager, and then out the doors. Our very own Ice Princess indeed :)

With all of the girls having left the building for their rehearsal, we now had nothing left to do, until the Soshified Meet Up of course :D. We killed some time in the late afternoon / early evening with some Soshified stuff, attending to the gifts, and then it was pretty much time to get down to the lobby for the Meet Up and Soshified goodies.

Soshified Meet Up

I have to say, the meeting was VERY FUN. Very random.. but very fun. We had an iPod or two with speakers playing SNSD songs the whole time, like 25-30 ppl just hanging around at all times, and probably saw at least 100 Soshified members / Sones during the whole thing. I got to meet a lot of people that I had previously known only by username, and meet a lot of people I didn’t know at all~

We were handing out a BUNCH of Soshified goodies, besides the Sone shirts that had to be purchased. We had big pink foam hearts that you could put on your hands, pink bunny ears to wear, pink glowsticks, and pink glowsticks. Unfortunately, the SNSD balloons had not arrived at the scene yet, but those would come later, so it’s all good.

I took some pictures of my things after the fact, so here’s an example of what the stuff looked like. I apologize for the colouring of the pictures, I hurriedly took them whilst running out the door for another short vacation/trip on Monday morning, and didn’t really have time to look them over. The items were definitely not as Red as some of the pictures turned out, and I’ll edit pictures in the future when I get back home.

Posted Image

Here’s my Sone shirt that I was wearing at the Meet Up, and of course, later at the concert itself.

Posted Image

Pink FUNTASTIC Bunny Ears, which I wore like 24/7 OF COURSE.

Posted Image

Big pink Foam Heart, which was NOT this red, I’m sorry the picture turned out so badly.

Posted Image

Bright pink Glowsticks, to use at the concert to support SNSD~

Posted Image

Me with all my Soshified goodies~

So how was the meet up you might be wondering? Well I guess it’s a good thing I’ve got some random videos to document it.. lol. Enjoy ^^

Yeah I’m the weird guy you hear like halfway through with flashing bunny ears, waving my heart and talking in a really high voice. What up. ^^

A brief cam of all the support items~

Surveying the scene, yet again. So many Sones, makes me go ^_____^

Random cam, don’t ask me wth I was thinking here.. I think I was JUST too late catching some dancing ;)

It was a long long meetup, and, after handing out items constantly, and talking with various ppl, we soon ran out of things to do. We had to wait around for everyone that might come, considering that we were staffies, so luckily for us.. a few girls... (who shall remain unnamed ;) ) decided to take advantage of the situation~~.. breakdancing and gee dancing lulz? ^^

A... short.. attempt at.. what this young lady would call “breakdancing” :p

Collaboration dance much?.. ZOMG THEY’RE SO GOOD!

Finally, an attempt at Gee~ Good Job girls! hehe... This is like the first.. and only time I saw anyone even attempt to dancing Gee lol.

Another.. “breakdance” attempt.. ^^..

At some random point in the meet up, I know there was some rumor or something that someone spotted SNSD. Whether they were there or not, I have no idea, but like INFINITE people rushed the elevators, we must have had a crowd of like 75+ there... but I saw no one lol... So if that was just false.. whoever started that.. SHAME ON YOU.

Hard work can be tiring, so we had to entertain ourselves somehow ^^;; rofl.. and there’s nothing like a good came of keep it up. LOL at the appearance of the infamous Yul poster ;)

Us playing with a balloon, followed by.... more Sones ^^

Because of the fact that this thing is so huge and is impossible for some ppl to load... ^^;; I have split it up into other posts, corresponding to the them when I updated it. Click the links to go to the specific posts.