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#844502 [SOSHI] ChinChin Ice Cream Cake

Posted by sAxy on 01 July 2009 - 05:06 AM

Confirmed by eemo, it's the ice cream cake that they brought to bora on July 1st 09 for the ChinChin support project.

Posted Image

IT'S OUR CAKE, NO ONE ELSE CAN CLAIM IT. (The two ones bottom right and bottom left, with pink ribbon)

Official Pictures:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Once again, cakes are with the pink ribbons.. now you can clearly see the resemblance between the boxes that the girls are eating out of, and the boxes in our picture of our gifts. The design on the side is dead giveaway.

(My) Failcaps:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Some rushed screenshots, if anyone has better, please do share ^^.

Other fangroups / fans brought gifts and food as well, and although none of our toys were used on bora.. our cake was the ONLY thing to be brought into the bora. IMO mission success!

From the Soshified members that delivered the gifts: Not only were there food from Soshified there but also from Korean fans. However, the staff & even Tablo was like fighting for our food because the Chinchin staff actually let us bring the food in vs the Korean fans who had food but because ours were in boxes and easier to manage, they picked ours over theirs. However the best part is the ice-cream cake we brought in, Sunny saw the cake and went "oh ice cream cake?" and wanted some so they brought the cake in. After the show was over Sooyoung & Yuri were still eating the cake like crazy. Gifts were given to the girls and all is good. Valiant effort by samchon, eemo, sam & john. Sam & John got autographs and talked to Tiffany personally in english too so wait for their fan accounts.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

spazz accordingly ^^
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#507394 Happy 1st Birthday to Soshified.com

Posted by sAxy on 31 January 2009 - 09:03 PM

Took me a while to finally get to this, but I was working today, and also wasn't quite sure of what to write.

I've only been at Soshified for half of the time that it's been around, but it's been a good six months. Without this website, I have no doubt that my SNSD addiction would have died out long ago. There's just no better place for us non Korean speaking Soshi lovers to get all of our videos, photos, information, and share in the joy that is SoNyuhShiDae with all of our wonderful members.

It's been an interesting ride for me so far, starting off as a nobody, getting warnings and being reprimanded by staff. Eventually making friends here on the website (shoutbox stalking lol ^^;;). People that I have come to talk to pretty much every day. While it's not literally talking.... although I guess it is half of the time? (skype crew ^_^) it is still great. Meeting so many fun people, with similar interests has really made me happy.

To Soy: Thank you for having the determination and drive to create the best fansite for us international fans to come and enjoy the world that is SNSD. Without you, Soshified would have never been created, and a big part of what my life is today (^^;;;;;) would not be here. I come to this website several times a day, when I should be in class, when I should be studying, when I wake up, before I go to sleep. Even if that is sad.. ^^;; it's what I enjoy, and that's what matters~ While I can hardly carry on a conversation lasting more than 5 minutes with you, Thank you Soy.

To Wenting: The only Admin that I've really met, having not been here since the beginning. The mean military image that I had of you from the start of my Soshified life has since diminished. While I may sometimes remember you as that super strict admin, I now know that Wenting is just a nice (albeit crazy soshi obsessed) fangirl inside hehe. Despite always being mean to me, and never saying hello back T_T, Wenting is a nice noona~ Thanks for making Soshified a better, and less retard filled cleaner place.

To the other Admins: While I never really got a chance to know either of you, thanks for making Soshified with it is today. The original few, were those that got SSF off the ground, and that's the most difficult time~

To the Tech Admins: Wow, I must say, an amazing job with the Website. We're always getting new updates, what with the things like the gallery, and the streaming videos~ Even though I've only been here for half the time, I've witnessed this website change, and upgrade, and it's amazing ^_^. Seeing.. 3 different shoutboxes? maybe 4? Haha, good times~ Ed, heh, my fellow Canuck~ Canada represent yo! Thanks to both of you, for keeping Soshified running, and fixing all the problems that we run into over time.

To the SMods: Karen, Ezzie, Heidi, Chris, Octieu, and Kree~ Our very special Super Moderators~ I'm amazed at how nice all of you guys girls (+1 guy) are, and how easily you welcome new members~ Always keeping our forum clean of all the bad stuff, and giving gentle nudges in the proper direction for the newer members. Thank you for making Soshified a fun, happy place to stay. Always uploading videos and pictures to the gallery, and making the best gifs and screencaps ^^ hehe. A special thanks to you guys during recent times, specifically that of my recent Moderator status. It's the purples who helped me through this, and taught me the ways~ Heizie<3 who walked me through my first warning attempt (lol 1 hour +) ahahaha. Thanks again to all you SMods. Keep on making Soshified the best website ever!

To the Mods: While I don't know many of you all that well, thanks for keeping Soshified clean and free of antis, spammers, and rule breakers~ You guys are the ones who run the show behind the scenes, and without some form of moderation, there would be utter chaos ^^;;. Mintee~ always fun, twilight loving crazy girl, thanks for being a friend haha. Keep up the jjang arts work yo! (Bella~<3 forever.) And Rosie~ my music show buddy hehehe. While we haven't really watched anything together recently, it was fun before haha, watching when Soshi wasn't promoting, and still enjoying the shows~ To all the Mods, good work, and keep it up~ Rock on!

To the Police: Likely the group within Soshified that I know the least about, and talk to members of the least, thanks for.. whatever it is that the police do.. hahaha. Valued members of Soshisubs, Project Heads, Artsy types, or whatever your specialty may be, the contribution that you make the the forum is often way larger than that of any other member. I know it's a lot more than me ^^;;. I hope to get to know you guys a little better in the future, if possible ^_^. Keep on policing us as you do best. Hwaiting!

To the Graphic Designers. Wow, just freaking wow. I must say, I am constantly amazed by the work that you guys do. From the Layout designs, to the posters, the banners, the icons that you guys create. Everything is simply stunning. One of the things that I really wish I had that I don't, is natural artistic talent. What you guys have is a gift. Run with it, never let it go~ Time after time the work you guys put out is just breathtaking. Thanks for all the signatures and icons that various members have made for me hehe~ Keep on making Soshified a prettier place ^_^. Never am I ashamed to log on in a lecture hall to a bright pink website, with the design that you guys make hehehehe.

To the members of the SoShiSubs Squad: Thank you for all the freaking amazing subbed videos and articles. Translators, thanks for the fast, accurate translations of various news tidbits, tv shows, radios. Everything is so great, and without you guys, we definitely would NOT have anywhere near the member count that we have today. Translated videos are in my opinion, likely the biggest draw of the website, so you guys are the core behind that. Thank you for sacrificing your time and effort into blessing the rest of us non Korean speaking members will the thoughts, and words of Soshi. Editors, thanks for making the videos clean, crisp, and full of the Soshi goodness, that we love them for~ Timers, often the most overlooked part of the subbing team, thank you for all your hard work. I know the job is tedious, but it's greatly appreciated! Encoders, gods of the fast internet connection haha, thanks for helping us get such fast releases. Putting the subs in the videos (pink subs fighting!) and encoding them and uploading quickly, thanks guys.

To the Uploaders: !!! Thank you guys so much! Without your videos o.o, I don't know where we'd be right now. The ability to find and upload for us all the current videos of performances, shows, cfs, radios, omg! And often we have videos uploaded like a half hour after the actual performance took place. Now that is amazing~ Thank you to you guys for your dedication, often a daily job for an uploader, I'm sure. Thanks to you guys we get amazing HQ videos, and who doesn't love Soshi in high quality!

To the Donators: What more can I say than thanks. Without some form of donation from the members, the cost of this website would be the sole burden of the higher up members. And having something like that, is all the more discouraging for keeping the website alive, so thank you for helping us pay for, and thus, prolong the life of our beloved Soshified. Not to mention, wow, without you guys, there would be no Projects. Or rather, they would be tiny little things. However, thanks to the amazing and generous donators we have here at Soshified, we've come up with some AMAZING projects. And I mean.. AMAZING!!!! Umpteen times, we have seen the girls wearing the gifts that Soshified have bought them, and in the future I can only expect to see even more. I mean, in the past 2-3 months, we've had a huge exponential increase in gift sightings. The amount of money that we pool for all of these projects is spectacular, and because of that, we can actually get the girls some extremely memorable gifts.

To the members of Soshified: An amazing bunch you guys all are. Without the core of the website, the ones that make up over 14 thousand of us, Soshified would not be Soshified. The fact that it is such a huge website, is owed to the fact that it can draw and hold this many people. You guys are what makes Soshified the amazing website that it is today. People always spazzing about every little thing related to the girls~ It's a great sight to see, and I hope it continues on forever. We are the true Sones. We are Soshified~

To the Skype Crew: Hehe, you guys, thank you for everything. My closest friends on Soshified, you guys are awesome. All the great times, memories, spend on Skype, talking until all hours of the night, chat zooming by like 10 lines per second, ^_^, it's been so great. You guys seriously have made my time here at Soshified, one of the greatest. Skype Crew forever!

Finally, to 소녀시대: To you guys, thanks for everything. Without you, none of this would be possible. 소녀시대 사랑해~

Essay of a post eh? I do ramble on... oh well. It's been an amazing first year, and I hope there's many more exciting years to come. SoNyuhShiDae Fighting! Soshified Fighting!

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#295239 [UFO] Sica's Aug 6th UFO replies + Taeng's Aug 13th Reply + Older Fany reply

Posted by sAxy on 13 August 2008 - 03:15 AM

lawl.. yeah I has much better pictures of flowers than that.. like my avatar one~hehe

haha sica is so to the point... icey :p

"sunny has no dong saeng" rofl.. thank you jessssica~
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