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I love SNSD/ SO NYEO SHI DAE/ GIRLS GENERATION! :unworthy:... I put the girls in order by age, soo first Dorky Kid Leader Taengoo, Gorjess Blonde Ice Princess Sica, Aegyo Queen Energized Sunny Bunny, Brighter than gems Mushroom Fany, Pop and Lock it Dancing Queen Hyoyeon, Beautiful Black Pearl Yuri-ah, Shiksen Goddess Funny Sooyoung, CF Queen Flower Deer Yoonalligator, and Cute Maknae Seobaby
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hmmm lets see where it all started, ahhh, i got it, sooo i was watching some girls cover to a korean song which i never listened to k pop before, i found out the next day it was Wondergirl's Tell Me, (Wondergirls will now be known as WG) soooo i was totally a wonderful for my first month into K-pop..between a month later, i found out about other WG songs (nobody, so hot, etc.) and i ran into, WG covering Kissing You and SNSD (which i never heard of at the time) cover Tell Me, i was wondering,"Hmm, nine girls, wow... they look the same" but later on that week, i started listening to kissing you, it was pretty catchy for me at the time, and a week later towards January/February, SNSD released Gee..it was amazing, the dance steps, everyone's looks, I couldn't stop re watching the MV..Soon as the months passed by, WG started fading on me, i still had a "Wonderful" touch to me, but i realized i was becoming a Sone, -July towards August- Genie or Tell me your wish was released, i remember that day, it released, i called my sister and told her all about it, she is a SONE, do you guys know Kaney, well yeah..My heart converted into a SONE, i no longer watched WG, and looked at all of SNSD performances and show appearances! I have sticked to them eversince..It felt like nine angels from above and had granted me with their presence, and songs..lol... :laugh: ...
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-SNSD is a life changing experience and i am dedicated and devoted to them, SNSD's teamwork is like a family, you dont give up on eachother, support eachother, love eachother, and go through the hard times together..They are pretty one by one, but together is when they all shine brighter than any darkness for me...they make my day when im having a bad one, they change my frown upside down,It wasnt because there were nine members, i liked them because it was nine different girls with their own talents and specialties together as one..SNSD will never be forgotten nor broken apart as easily as people think they would, I cherish the moments with them too..It's good having 1 idol, but having 9 idols, is the best thing anyone could ever ask for...

My Bias is the Gorjess Blonde Ice Princess Sica -.- <--Sica :wub: <-- me
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Now on to how I fell for this Warm Ice Princess, hmmm i remember watching kissing you, Jessica was the main vocalist, i had a thing for the best singers of the group, something attracted me to her, her looks?, her winks (cuteness)?, her voice?, it was everything about her, i dont know her in real life but first impressions are really important for me, and also getting to know her, anyways, she was the first one i noticed, and gee, she was really Gorjess, Genie= Unbelievable, she was looking great in Honey Gold hair..OH= super cute, RDR= Dark but still was pure to me...i can say more but ill stop here, SICA FIGHTING!

I am a Taensic Shipper, well i guess its obvious :D :lol:
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I like Jessica, and Taeyeon, the 2 main vocalists, Taeyeon's dorky cuteness, and Jessica's gorjess beauty, its a perfect combination, Taengsic will always be real to me, TAENGSIC FIGHTING!

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